5G network. Switch knob with different telecommunication standarts in mobile network.

The Future with 5G Connections for Fast, Secure, and Efficient Data Exchange

Greenoptic ® range meets all the FTTH infrastructure needs from outdoor or indoor distribution points up to the customer’s premises.


Desing your FTTH project with GreenTel

From the Head End/Central Office to the Home, Business or Multiple Dwelling Unit, our solutions help increase return on investments in Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTx) networks. GreenTel offers the FTTx Solution Offering, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum performance and reliability for deployments in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.

Green Tel Solutions

Whether it is copper, optical and radio frequency transmission technologies, we innovate to design, manufacture and deliver high-performance solutions allowing us to meet the needs of our customers in KSA and abroad.


FTTx bring the combined advantages of higher transmission rates and lower energy consumption


Mobile networks are essential to the development of new internet uses, linked to connected mobility

Industrial Routers

Industrial Router is designed for the communication of IoT devices over high-speed cellular networks

To be close to our Customers

Our Services

GreenTel complete solutions developed and delivered in close cooperation with experienced local partners, range from consultancy through selection and installation of the products and systems to certification, start-up, system and installation documentation and maintenance, applicable in particular

Site Services

On-site surveys form the basis for optimum customer-specific problem solving.


Fiber broadband

We provide wide range of services which cover all aspects of Fiber to the Home or Fiber to the Curb projects.


With years of experience and high logistics performance capability.


Worldwide Partners

We strive to work with the best.